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Green Cleaning Service

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During this pandemic, health and safety is our first priority. We know that in this crucial time the world is under economical crisis. Dendrophile is the world’s first facility management company providing total 360° protection in this pandemic. Dendrophile facility management company provides “Green Housekeeping Service”, “Total Green Solution” and a COVID special program called “Dendrophile 360° Protection Program”

Dendrophile seeks to create trust and long term relationships between your employees, your customers and you thus increasing your brand value and surrounding you with loyal and trustworthy people, all the while keeping environment, nature, and societal benefits in mind. It creates a safe space for your employees and a platform for your customers to rely on. We help you save money, build  your reputation, and become a considerate and aware business.

Dendrophile green facility service of housekeeping
Green Housekeeping Service

With regards to staff recruitment and placement our company policy places a strong emphasis on the critical employer aspect like:

Dendrophile total green solution
Total Green Solution

TGS (Total Green Solution) supports visualizing, analyzing, and minimizing the environmental impacts and costs occurring at each step of selection, use of Dendrophile products, and services.

Dendrophile 360 protection
Dendrophile 360° Protection

Hygiene is the top priority of any workplace especially now more than ever. During such times, we bring to you a complete 360° solution which includes various layers and focuses on maximizing cleanliness and improving the lifestyle in terms of health.

Benefits of Green Services

  • Employee productivity and sustainability
  • Saved money
  • Increase company revenue and productivity
  • Stronger relationship between company, employees and Customers
  • Increased brand value in society
  • Increased compliance of health, safety & environment rules by government
  • Customer sustainability
  • Referral benefits
  • Reduce company responsibility
  • Healthy and positive environment
  • Establishment of knowledge and awareness center
  • Better financial and investment opportunities  
  • Increased trust and loyalty
  • Stress free productive atmosphere
  • Increased physical and mental  health
  • Complete safety of employees’ family
  • Awareness about health, safety and environment
  • Enhanced work experience
  • Saved money
  • Live good corporate life
  • Increased Trust and Loyalty on brand 
  • Stress free healthy atmosphere 
  • Increased physical and mental  health 
  • Complete safety of customers’ family
  • Awareness about health, safety & environment
  • Enhanced visit experience 
  • Customer sustainability
  • Saved money  
  • Referral benefits
  • Reduced  carbon footprint (CO2 Emissions)
  • Conserved land fit, water and trees
  • Reduced airborne dust level and improved air quality
  • Conserved land, marine and air ecosystem
  • Reduced  greenhouse gases 
  • Conserved energy and electricity
benefits of green services