Total Green Solution for Sustainable Development

What is Total Green Solution?

TGS (Total Green Solution) working on Sustainable Development supports visualizing, analyzing, and minimizing the environmental impacts and costs occurring at each step of selection, use of Dendrophile products, and services.

To fulfill this, we assist customers continuously also in the optimization of their workflows and way to work. And we are providing “Sustainable Workplace” and its providing different values in our society on the path of Sustainable Development.

●Environmental Sustainability:
Minimization elements that affect the office environment as well as environmental impacts incurred by the movement of people and materials and make sustainability in Indoor and outdoor environment.

●Economical/Social Sustainability:
Generation of new values through cost reduction and productivity improvement. Benefiting communities through the creation of business continuity environments.

●Human Sustainability:
Achieving a better work environment and a way to work which satisfy and motivates individual users while respecting their different ways to work and work-life balances and sustain the employees and company’s customers.