Lesser do we realize the importance of having a healthy environment. Unlike Polar bears in the extreme north, we humans have been blessed with a superpower to take actions and amend the loss our mother nature has been suffering for a long while. Not to combat growing industrialization, but skyscrapers would never replace the sight of exquisite mountains for us. Nor the cacophony of streets would be able to replace the sweet chirps of birds.
As William H. McRaven mentioned, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed”. If you look around yourself, you’ll notice a plethora of entities made of plastic and non-biodegradable components, which can be easily replaced by an eco-friendly substituent. As an individual, it becomes our responsibility that we keep a check on our carbon footprint at a personal level. Initiatives and marches to protect our aquatic life and flora fauna are nothing new in the news today. A small change in lifestyle can lead to a future preserved and nourished with all the beauty our nature bestows us with.

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