Green Hygiene Events- An Eco-Friendly Initiative

Events are of huge importance in society and are a dominant institution in the life of an individual.

But during these events air pollution rises to dangerous levels, energy and food wastage increase exponentially, plastic packaging and debris litter the roads and several children, sick and older people and animals suffer too. Therefore sustainability and hygiene have come to the forefront of global issues.
We have been celebrating events, year on year rigorously without any care for the environment. 

But this time around with Dendrophile, let’s do it with a difference.
With our Eco-Friendly Events initiative- Green Hygiene Events! 

Planning and executing a green event is something which can be easily adopted which will eventually lead the globe on the path to sustainability.
A green and hygienic event incorporates environmental considerations to minimize the negative impacts on the environment.

Green Features

  1. On spot waste segregation 
  2. Recycling of dry waste. 
  3. Composting of wet waste.
  4. Spreading awareness about Health, Safety and Environment.
  5. Allocation of Data and Certificate.
green hygiene events with green features
green hygiene events with hygiene features

Hygiene Features

  1. Sanitization of venues before and after the event. 
  2. Distribution of masks and PPE kits to people in the event. 
  3. Temperature check and sanitization of all the guests at the entry point.
  4. Monitoring  social distance in the event. 
  5. Provision of Hygiene 360° total solution. 
Benefits of Green Hygiene Events
  • Increased company revenue and productivity 
  • Employee productivity and Sustainability 
  • Saved Money 
  • Stronger relationship between company, host and guests 
  • Increased brand value in society 
  • Increased compliance of health, safety & environment rules by government
  • Customers sustainability & referral Benefits 
  • Reduced company responsibility
  • Healthy and positive environment
  • Awareness about Health, Safety and Environment
  • Better financial and investment opportunities 
  • Build trust and relationship
  • Stress free productive atmosphere
  • Increased physical and mental  health
  • Complete safety of host’s family 
  • Awareness about health, safety and environment
  • Enhanced event experience
  • Saved Money 
  • Build trust and relationship
  • Stress free healthy atmosphere 
  • Increased physical and mental  health 
  • Complete safety of guests’ family 
  • Awareness about health, safety and environment 
  • Enhanced visit experience
  • Saved Money 
  • Reduced carbon footprint (CO2 Emissions)
  • Conserved Land fit, water and trees
  • Reduced airborne dust level and improve the air quality 
  • Conserved land, marine and air ecosystem 
  • Reduced greenhouse gases 
  • Conserved energy and electricity
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