Dendrophile 360° Protection Program (COVID-19 Service)

Dendrophile 360° Protection : Full-circle solution for a hygienic space

Amidst this COVID-19 health challenge, it has become important for workplaces and business enterprises to ensure safety for both its employees and consumers. The demand for germ-free, clean and safe service/good is higher than ever. It is true that no one solution/treatment can work. Therefore, our team has made a complete approach of tackling germs at any point along their journey. We provide surface, air, and hand hygiene services along with an assessment which is a protocol which verifies work to continue the initiatives for the well being of your organization in COVID-19 pandemic.

How germs spread

COVID-19 has made us realize the severe effect of harmful germs to our health. As recent study suggests, an average human being touches his/her face 23 times per hour. Doing so after grabbing a communal door handle can lead to easy conduction of bacteria to the source of entry such as eyes or mouth. However the spread of germs is not only limited to ‘Surface to Person’. There are actually three primary modes of germ transmission

Surface to Person

One can’t ensure complete cleanliness with just one form of treatment. Therefore, our 360° Protection provides surface hygiene apart from air hygiene, hand hygiene and personal hygiene.

Surfaces like:
– Desks
– Restrooms
– Kitchens/break rooms
– Equipment including laptops
– Doors/windows/chairs

These surfaces prove as a carrier for germs to thrive and spread. Every organization is different and therefore treatments have to be different. Everyday disinfection and wiping leaves up to 50% of the surface unclean. Therefore, we provide you a professional service as an element of 360° Protection so that the hygiene is maintained. Our team of experts will understand your organization and ensure to provide you with a proper level of disinfection and protection. The treatment will be unique to you and the workplace. We shall be providing a full thorough disinfection of every contact surface and inaccessible areas. We shall provide a full wipe-down of surfaces and contact points, for example door handles which may be curved at certain angles and other seemingly unreachable parts.

Air to Person

Air hygiene makes up for a big part of our 360° Protection treatment. Because indoor air is concentrated, it may be more polluted than the outside air and during this pandemic, people are trying to stay as much indoor as possible. So are we less protected indoors? Relax! Our Dendrophile 360° Protection Program has you covered. ensuring your safety along with safety of those around you by our treatment is a great way to ensure that the carrier of any virus, including the infamous corona virus is not you. Corona virus travels through air and our advanced, quick and hygienic technology protects you from that along with other viruses.It kills 99% of viruses and germs in the air. 

Apart from this, we also ensure that the air around you is not left stale or you have any discomfort. We will make sure to keep your surroundings fragrant and fresh no matter what treatment you use. Our treatment will be preceded by a team of skilled people who will make sure your organization has what it needs, understand the organization and provide you with an appropriate level of service unique to your place. You just need to relax and trust that you and your organization are in good hands.
Person to Person

Germs and viruses travel from person to person due to actions like coughing and sneezing especially when in close proximity. Apart from that any form of touch like hand shake also transfers the germs. According to the World Health Organization, corona virus can be transmitted from person to person. Therefore, places like meeting rooms, restrooms, kitchen, etc. become high risk areas. In fact, just sitting next to each other may transfer the germs. This makes it seem like you can’t conduct offices right? No, you just need the Dendrophile 360° Protection Program.


When you opt for Dendrophile 360° Protection, especially in such high alert circumstances, we ensure to provide you with a service that is most hygienic out there. We make an assessment to make sure to make this treatment unique to you and your organization and to also ensure to be able to do everything to keep you and people around you safe 

Pre Assessment
A pre assessment is where our team contacts you telephonically and has a phone conference in which the protocols regarding Covid-19 already in place within your organization are discussed and understood.
An Onsite Assessment
An on-site assessment is where our team of experts make a visit to your organization and study, understand and then design a treatment needed. This step is crucial in making sure your organization is clean and hygienic in every nook and corner and also the people that are working get a safe experience.
Detailed Action Project
After all the assessments, we will provide you with an aggregate of the findings along with detailed recommendations so that you can take actions and decisions which are appropriate.
  • You are at peace that uniform and consistent execution of the treatment is going on across your entire organization.
  • The training your staff gets from experienced experts makes sure that your organization has informed and educated individuals with proper knowledge of hygienic procedures.
  • The local, state and federal guidelines and followed and executed.
  • We provide you with a certificate of your awareness and commitment towards health and well being of your organization for compliance, etc.
  • We also document your protocols apart from certification and this maintains confidence of your consumers, clients and employees.